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1916 Sopwith Camel Model Airplane Extra Large



DIMENSIONS:  65"L x 98.5"W x 28"H 

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Sopwith Camel Model Biplane Aircraft XXL

DIMENSIONS:  65"L x 98.5"W x 28"HFly back in time with this 1916 Sopwith Camel, a British First World War single seat biplane fighter introduced on the Western Front in 1917. It is handcrafted with frames covered in silk fabric. The Sopwith Camel comes with remarkable detailed cockpit, engine, propeller, and guns. The model is transparent to show the intricate framework construction...  Most definitely it's the size, IT IS BIG!  Built with an interesting array of materials.  Lightweight frame stretched with silk fabric. Down to the smallest detail a replica of the original, which was actually less than 19 feet long.  Pair it with propellers, old maps, a pilot's desk...   A beautifully constructed model that will thrill any aviation enthusiast and collector!

  • All Biplanes are Completely Hand Built 
  • Spoke Wire Wheels - Detailed Engine - Laminated Propeller 
  • Silk Canvas Stretched over a Wooden Frame 
  • All Cockpit Details in Miniature
  • Wing Ailerons and Tail Sections Move Using Intricate Guide Lines From The Cockpit
  • NOTE: This is a huge model - Be sure to check the size (your space) before ordering
  • Check For Availability
    • MEGA SIZE is 65.00 inches long with a 98.00 inch wingspan and 28.00 inches tall
    • Weighs approximately 35 pounds

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