How are your models constructed?

Many of our models are built using the plank-on-frame or plank-on-bulkhead construction method. This is a painstaking process, taking hundreds of hours, in which each individual plank is added to the hull one at a time. Our models are not constructed from pre-made, pre-measured, mass-marketed, mass-produced model kits. To learn more about how we build our models – 


What woods do you use to build the models?

We use only the highest-quality woods available such as cherry, birch, maple, blackwood, white lotus, walnut, rosewood, teak, yellow siris, light ebony and others.


Your website states these are not kits. Does that mean you create every piece of the ship yourselves?

We do not make kits and we do not sell kits. Essentially all of the pieces of the model are made by us (figureheads, stern details, planks, sails, etc). Pieces that are too time consuming or expensive to create ourselves, we purchase in bulk such as the brass cannons, blocks, deadeyes and other parts we need large quantities of.