1899 America's Cup Shamrock 

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1899 America's Cup Shamrock

Great Britain 

Yacht club: Royal Ulster Yacht Club, Ireland 
Unsuccessful challenger for the 1899 America's Cup 

Owner: Sir Thomas Lipton 

Rating: 101.092 and102.565 

Designer: William Fife III, Jr. 

Builder: J. Thorneycroft & Co, at Millwall on the Thames near London, England 
Sailmaker: Ratsey, Cowes 

Year of building: 1897-98 
Launched: June 24, 1899 

Skipper: Captain Archibald "Archie" Hogarth and his assistant, Captain Robert "Bob" Wringe 
Afterguard: Jesse Connell and Captain Ben Parker 


Construction: Composite metal 
Frames: Steel 
Hull below waterline: Manganese bronze plating 
Topsides: Aluminum Alloy plating 
Deck: Pine 
Mast and boom: Steel welded 


Length overall (LOA): 38.86m 
Length waterline (LWL): 25.12m 
Beam: 7.46m 
Draft: 6.15m 
Displacement: 156.9 tonnes 
Tonnage: 135 tonnes 
Sail area: 1214.30m2 
Mast: 29.56m 
Boom: 32.61m 
Bowsprit: 8.60m 
Topmast: 18.90m