WWI Sopwith Camel Biplane Aircraft Model Aviation Decor

AM AP502


Dimension: 40" length x 58.5" wingspan x 17.75" height

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Airplane WWI Sopwith Camel Biplane 40" XL Wooden Model Aircraft Aviation Decor
This expert level, highly detailed, museum quality, Sopwith Camel plane model is brand new, fully built & partially assembled (not a kit). To save on shipping the model is shipped partially assembled, you need to attach the landing gear & wings The manufacturer is Authentic Models (please see below).

The Sopwith Camel Biplane model is completely hand-built & handcrafted of silk fabric stretched across a lightweight wooden frame, similar to the original construction methods of the early 1900s. The wheels are spoked and the tires are made of rubber. The rotating propeller is handcrafted of laminated wood. 

The cockpit is detailed with leather seat & accents and instruments. Engine cover and spoked wheels are made of metal. The model aircraft can be displayed hanging from the ceiling or sitting on it's own landing gear.

This model is painted in the colors of the British Royal Flying Corps. It is sure to become a conversational addition to your aviation decor.

Size: 40" length x 58.5" wingspan x 17.75" height
Material: Cloth fabric, wood, and Metal
The model is Museum Quality

Wingspan Sopwith,  belongs to Collection by Authentic Models Most definitely it's the size.  Built with an interesting array of materials. Lightweight frame stretched with fabric. Down to smallest detail a replica of the original, which was actually only  Built by the thousands during the Great War, in many colors and configurations. Pair it with propellers, old maps, a pilot's desk.

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