Spad XIII Classic Eddie Rickenbacker Airplane




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Own a piece of history with this beautifully handcrafted model of a SPAD XIII... WWI ace Eddie Rickenbacker's airplane. This legendary Spad XIII is decked out in US Army squadron camouflage. The squadron logo, Uncle Sam's top hat set in a ring, was painted on the fabric covered fuselage together with Rickenbacker's personal number one. Eddie Rickenbacker, president of Eastern Airlines during the 1950s, was the most famous American pilot during WWI and shot down 26 German aircraft. A lightweight wooden frame is assembled with silk fabric stretched across similar to the original construction in the early 1900s.  A beautifully constructed model that will thrill any aviation enthusiast and collector!

  • All Biplanes are Completely Hand Built 
  • Spoke Wire Wheels - Detailed Engine - Laminated Rotating Propeller 
  • Silk Canvas Stretched over a Wooden Frame 
  • Metal Hardware Complete With Landing Gear and Rubber Tires
  • Leather Seat - Detailed Engine Cover With Rivets and Struts
  • AM Boxed

DIMENSIONS:  23.5"L x 30"W x 9"H

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