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Around the World Mobile 3 Legendary Planes



Around the World Mobile Famous Planes  L. 13.58 in. / 34.49 cm. W. 25.98 in. / 65.99 cm. H. 15.75 in. / 40.01 cm. 

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Three planes that wrote history.The Lockeed Vega 'Winnie Mae' set records flying around the world in 1931. The legendary PanAm Cina Clipper was the epitomy of luxury and long distance travel in the late 1930's.

The Douglas DC-3 was the workhorse of the skies for decades, it's become an icon in the history of aviation. The DC-3 served every American airline in the 1930's as well as most European ones. The globe is made of twelve printed paper sections applied to a sphere. An exact reproduction of a 1930 world globe, it shows the nations of the world by their names and borders of the era.  Easy assembly.

  • Made of long-lasting wood and plastic
  • 3 classic planes floating in the air
  • Features a 20th century globe

L. 13.58 in. / 34.49 cm. 
W. 25.98 in. / 65.99 cm. 
H. 15.75 in. / 40.01 cm. 


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