Princess Sky Hook Balance Toy



Princess on the horse skyhook 

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In a classic one day match, the highlight of the annual jousting event in the city of Angoullme, France was when the Duc d' Anjou expertly picked up the red silk scarf. The impact was hard to exaggerate; the spectator crowd collectively held its breath to observe the consequences. Unique conditions prevailed and all worked in the Duc's favor. A bright sun, the home front's decisive victory. A bottle of excellent aged claret next to the princess' father, the King. The Duc and his princess became famous in posterity as a romantic pair of courtly lovers. His sword and her silk scarf are displayed in a dedicated room of the National Treasury.  A whimsical and classic artistic piece to add that special touch to any decor... 

DIMENSIONS:  12.2"L x 4.1"W x 20"H

  • Recycled Metal Sheet 
  • Cut By Hand Using Original Templates 
  • Hand Painted in Great Detail
  • Finished in Aged Patina Then Waxed
  • Counterweight Calibrated to Create Swing 
  • Matching Metal Stand
  • AM Boxed

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