Whale Balance Toy Sky Hook



Measures:  15.75" x 4" x 19.25"

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Whale Sky Hook belongs to Collection by Authentic Models Nearly hunted to extinction, these huge ocean mammals are slowly recuperating from having been chased for centuries for their oil and meat. Whales still trek thousands of miles across the oceans between feeding grounds and areas where they mate and give birth. Today only a few remote native fishing villages are allowed to catch a few migrating whales. One of these is located on the island of Flores, Indonesia, another in Alaska. Both fishing tribes hunt with handheld harpoons thrown from indigenous craft.

Balance Toys were originally called sky hooks, effortless counter-weighted toys that could be set on a shelf or the rim of a table, and set in motion to everyone’s delight and amusement....NEW!

  • New, original box. Gift Packaged
  • Each is tagged and numbered
  • Made of hand cut heavy tin
  • Quality workmanship
  • Hand Painted
  • Antique Distressed Finish
  • Stand included

Measures:  15.75" x 4" x 19.25" 

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