Sovereign of the Seas XXL - 7.5 Ft



Dimensions  L: 90 W: 29 H: 79 Inches

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Very Large Size Model 

Dimension: L: 58 W: 17 H: 53 Inches

This is one of a kind, a stuning model of the HMS Sovereign of the Seas

All details are handcrafted from beautiful wood such as mahogany, teak, rose wood and other exotic wood.

Hull is constructed using plank on frame construction method

HMS  Sovereign of the Seas, launched in 1637 and it was the most powerfully armed ship in the world in its day.

This is an Exclusive Edition Model Ship, where each model is uniquely identified by a serial number, which is laser cut to the hull of each model. In this edition, we are able to identify the production date of a model, the material that was used on the model, the craftsmen who worked on each area of the model, the individual who inspected the model and also the professional packaging staff. Quality is our number 1 priority, thus all steps are thoroughly supervised from the beginning to the end of making each model.

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