Bluenose 2 Limited Wooden Schooner Model



SOLD OUT  Dimension: 50" L x 8" W x 38" H (1:40 scale)

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Attach Sails and Bluenose 2 yacht models are Ready for Immediate Display

This Limited Edition scale replica’s unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail make this model of the famous Canadian schooner Captain and envy of the Bluenose 2 fleet. This awe-inspiring model of the Bluenose 2 is bedecked with museum-quality features and finely-crafted details, commanding any room with the same winning spirit and hard-working attitude that won her decades of awards as both a racing and fishing vessel. 

50" L x 8" W x 38" H (1:40 scale)

  • Largest available accurate scale replica Limited Edition of the Bluenose 2
  • Individual plank on frame construction of the hull using fine quality woods, with each plank and wood grain visible through the paint
  • High Quality Craftsmanship and Details on these yacht models include:
    • Improved details and accuracy of all deck and hull details
    • Increased number of details and items on deck, including buckets and barrels, cleats, rope coils and more
    • Two accurate lifeboats with oars tied-down to deck
    • Metal anchors with wooden crossbars
    • Significantly increased rigging with greater detail and accuracy
    • Lightly-starched, high-quality canvas sails never wrinkle or sag
    • Cloth flags and racing pennants fly from the masts and rigging
  • Significant research to guarantee accuracy of these model sailboats includes sources such as photos, historical plans and original artwork
  • Pre-assembled, simply attach the masts and display
    • Ready to display in less than five minutes
    • Separate pre-assembled hull and sails ensure safe shipping and lower cost
    • Insert mast in designated hole and clip brass rigging hooks as shown in illustrations
    • Sails and rigging already complete


Generations of Atlantic Canadians have grown up with stories of the Original Bluenose Nova Scotia, her Captain Angus Walters and Bluenose II.

The vessel became the world's most famous Nova Scotian fishing schooner racing victorious - and undefeated - into history and legends.

A glorious reign as Queen of the North Atlantic began with her launching from Lunenburg's Smith and Rhuland boatyard on March 26, 1921. It tragically ended a quarter century later.

In 1963, Bluenose II was launched from the same shipyard, built by many of the men who had worked on the Original Bluenose.

Interesting Bluenose II facts

  • Home port: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
  • Bluenose II is acknowledged to have the largest working mainsail in the world. It measures 4,150 square feet (386 m2). The total sail area measures over 11,000 square feet (1036 m2) and is 43.5 m (143 feet) in length.
  • All crew members live onboard during the ship's six-month season.
  • In 1971, the Oland family of Halifax sold Bluenose II to the government of Nova Scotia for $1.
  • Since 1937, the image of Original Bluenose has graced the Canadian dime (10 cent piece).
  • In 1995, Original Bluenose and her captain, Angus Walters, were inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.
  • Nova Scotia's Bluenose II and the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic is proudly operated by the Lunenburg Marine Museum Society.

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