1690 San Felipe Open Hull Tall Ship Model



Dimension: L: 37 W: 12 H: 29.5 Inches

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Exclusive Open Hull edition of the San Felipe Wooden Tall Ship Model

Fully see through to showcase the artwork of our master craftsmen

Individually Hand Built Using Plank on Frame Construction Method 

Ornaments on her body made her more beautiful than any other ships at her time

Wood pieces of different shades and colors are carefully selected and used to create an impressive look

The stern is the most decorated area with many small brass ornaments, brass railing, figurines and lanterns. There are round shape stairs connected the main deck and the forecastle deck.

The model comes with its original flag and rest on a steady wooden base with attached metal name plate. 100% assemble, ready for display

Dimension: L: 37 W: 12 H: 29.5 Inches

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