RRS Discovery Wooden Ship Model



Dimensions: L: 34.7 W: 5.1 H: 26 Inches

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Pay tribute to the intrepid RRS Discovery with this fully handmade model ship.

Built using the traditional plank-on-frame method of ship construction, this 35-inch model of the famous Royal Research Ship is a wonder to behold.

It is a rigorously accurate reproduction of the original, whose ingenious ship design took the ship to far reaches of the world.

Rosewood, mahogany, teak and other exotic woods are carefully selected to accent each part of the model.

Painted in bold black, white, and red paint, it features three masts, intricate rigging, and fine details like miniature lifeboats, anchors, railings, netting, and more. This model comes on a wooden stand and with an ornate nameplate bearing the name of RRS Discovery.

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