1897 Malacca Tramp Steamer Wooden Cargo Ship Model




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This 1897 Malacca tramp steamer model was handcrafted in wood and is a solid carved wooden hull. The tramp steamer cargo ship model is then sanded and hand painted with a black hull, white & honey wood tone topsides with red bottom paint. The entire hull has an antiqued distressed finish on it to give the model a more authentic antique look.

The Malacca tramp steamer ship model has detailed wooden deck fittings, lifeboats, smokestack and masts with cotton rigging lines. The hand rails are made of metal. The anchor is made of solid wood and the only plastic part on this model is the propeller (but you can't tell unless you touch it).

The cargo ship model is mounted on a wooden stand, with "MALACCA - DUMBARTON 1897 (and other specifications)" on a name plate made of paper that has been sealed to the wood stand & accented with brass nails in 4 corners. The model is built to scale as the original Malacca 1897 Tramp Steamer was. The task required skillful craftsmen many hours to accomplish.

Dimensions: 26.5" Long X 10.75"Wide X 3.25" High Inches

It's an historic model tramp steamer cargo ship that is sure to become a treasured family heirloom

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