Bluenose II Schooner Model 47"



Dimensions: L: 47 W: 9 H: 41 Inches

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The Bluenose II is beautifully painted with an upper black hull. The masts and booms are painted yellow. All the sails are stitched and meticulously rigged. On the deck, there are authentic lifeboats with ribs and planks. The bowsprit goes through the gunwale and is kept secured with riggings. On the deck, you can see several wooden cabins, companionways, and hatches. There are also metal “Bluenose II” nameplates attached to the hull. It is truly a remarkable representation of the Bluenose II.The model is secured tightly on a solid wood base with a brass nameplate. The masts and sails are folded down for easy packaging and shipping. Assembly may take about 30 minutes or more.

Dimensions: L: 47 W: 9 H: 41 Inches

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