HMS Victory Limited 38"



HMS Victory Limited 38"SOLD FULLY ASSEMBLED - THIS IS NOT A MODEL SHIP KIT 38" long x 12" Wide x 28" High (1:108 scale)

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Features: HMS Victory Limited 38"

  • 38" long x 12" Wide x 28" High (1:108 scale)
  • Includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by HMS Founder and Master Builder Richard Norris, as only 50 will ever be made.
  • Museum quality with many features not available in a model for under $5,000 or in any model kit
  • Real Copper plated hull (not painted on), like the actual HMS Victory (done to prevent the toredo worm from destroying the wood hull)
  • Amazing deck details: planked deck with nail holes, tied-down cannons, barells, buckets, signal flag lockers on the poop deck, accurate hammock, mastcoats, cannon ball racks and more.
  • Meticulously painted to the actual HMS Victory. Note the painting on the figurehead, stern windows and flags above the stern windows
  • 18 masterfully stitched, thick canvass sails that hold their shape and do not wrinkle
  • Metal anchors and turned brass cannons
  • Advanced rigging techniques with over 200 blocks/deadeyes
  • Perfectly taught rigging of various colors and thickness to ensure authenticity
  • Authentic lifeboats - not flat bottomed
  • Visible lower deck below the life boats where you can see the full cannons and cannonballs lined up!
  • Requires hundreds of hours to build from scratch (not from a model kit) by our master artisans.
  • Built with rare, high quality woods such as cherry, teak, white pine, birch and maple.
  • The model rests perfectly on a large, wood base between four arched metal dolphins (marble base pictured)
  • To build this ship, extensive research was done using various sources such as museums, drawings, copies of original plans and photos of the actual ship.

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