America Wooden Schooner Model 50"



50" L x 6" W x 37" H (1:28 scale)

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Features: America 44" Limited

Attach Sails and America is Ready for Immediate Display

The largest and grandest model yacht of the America racing fleet, this Limited Edition replica is a highly accurate and detailed museum quality scale model sailing ship. With unmatched craftsmanship, quality and features, this grand Limited Edition model yacht of the America makes the ideal nautical centerpiece and truly inspired highlight of whatever den, office, boardroom, hallway or chamber it graces.

50" L x 6" W x 37" H (1:28 scale)

  • Largest available accurate-scale model yacht Limited Edition of the America
  • Individual plank on frame construction of the hull using fine quality woods, with each plank and wood grain visible through the paint
  • High Quality Craftsmanship and Details, including:
    • Carved wooden eagle on stern as the real America
    • Clear window panes in all deckhouses
    • Increased number of details and items on deck, including buckets and barrels
    • Improved details and accuracy of all deck and hull details over other models
    • Accurate, detailed and realistic rigging
    • High quality material used for all sails
    • Cloth American flag and racing pennant fly from the rigging
    • Metal anchors with wooden crossbars hand from metal chains
    • Meticulously hand-stained, painted and accurately detailed to match the historical America racing yacht
  • Limited production run only 25 of this model complete … No More Will Be Made !!!
  • Certificate of Authenticity individually numbered and signed by HMS Founder and Master Builder Richard Norris
  • Significant research to guarantee accuracy of our model sailing ships includes sources such as photos, historical plans and original artwork
  • Pre-assembled, simply attach the masts and display
    • Ready to display in less than five minutes
    • Separate pre-assembled hull and sails ensure safe shipping and lower cost
    • Insert mast in designated hole and clip brass rigging hooks as shown in illustrations
    • Sails and rigging already complete

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