TItanic 40" Limited Cruise Ship Model

Titanic 40


40" Long x 5" Wide x 13.5" High (1:265 scale)

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Features: TItanic 40" Limited

  • 40" long x 5 " Wide x 13.5 " High (1:265 scale)
  • Not a toy - This is an authentic accurate replica of the Titanic.
  • This Titanic ship model requires over two-hundred to build from scratch (not from a model kit) by a master artisan.
  • Includes a numbered certificate from HMS Founder and master builder Richard Norris as only 100 will ever be made.
  • Has many upgrades over other Titanic models such as:
    • Metal chains used on the cranes
    • Anchor added on the bow
    • Additional rigging added to mimic excactly the acutal Titanic ship
    • Additional windows on the hull and decks added
    • Almost all pieces are higher quality, including the lifeboats, vents, wood ladders, skylights, watertower, smokestacks and more.
  • This Titanic model ship has amazing details and accuracy such as:
    • Accurate crows nest and lifeboats
    • The name Titanic on the bow and Titanic Liverpool on the stern
    • Cloth USA, White Star Lines and UK flags that were flown as she sailed
    • Solid metal propellers and railing
    • Yellow stripe on the hull
  • Built with rare, high quality woods such as birch, maple and yellow siris.
  • Model rests on, and can be removed from, a sturdy¬†wood base
  • To build this ship, extensive research was done using various sources such as museums, drawings, copies of original plans and photos of the actual ship.

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