America's Cup Yacht Rainbow Model Limited 50"

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America's Cup Rainbow Limited 50"


Attach Sails and Rainbow yacht model is Ready for Immediate Display 

A winning spirit emanates from the elegance, grace and beauty of the Rainbow racing yacht in these Limited Edition sailing ship models of the famous America’s Cup Yacht. Providing an inspirational highlight for a corporate meeting room or serving as the proud centerpiece of a nautical themed sun room, these grand model sailing ships of the Rainbow perfectly suit any office, home or beach house.

50" High x 5" Wide x 34" Long

  • Largest available accurate scale replica Limited Edition yacht models of the Rainbow
  • Highest Quality Craftsmanship and Details, including:Significant research to guarantee accuracy of these yacht models
    • American flag hanging from the aft end
    • Highest quality material used for all sails and rigging
    • Curved-bottom lifeboat tied-down to deck
  • Pre-assembled, simply attach the masts and display
    • Ready to display in less than five minutes
    • Separate pre-assembled hull and sails ensure safe shipping and lower cost
    • Insert mast in designated hole and clip brass rigging hooks as shown in illustrations
    • Sails and rigging already complete


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