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Model Measurements: Height: 35 Width: 4” Length: 27” (1:30 scale)

The brand new, museum quality, limited edition, scale replica Constellation sailboat is offered exclusively. This sail boat includes a numbered Certificate of, as only 100 will ever be made. Accurate in almost every detail to the original Constellation sail boat, this Constellation sailboat offers features not available by other sellers, and has many upgrades over all other sailboat models available. 



This model has been already assembled. The sails although are unassembled to ensure safe shipping. All rigging, lines, and stays have brass hooks attached. They easily hook into eyelets on mast, boom, sprit, or deck. Pictured instructions with numbers on the hooks allow anyone to easily assemble this sailboat model in less than 4 minutes. This allows us to offer the model at a reasonable price. If assembled, the shipping cost alone would increase the cost by an additional $100

-  Authentic cloth British flag  
-  Deck planks that match the actual Constellation sailboat
-  High-quality solid brass metal railings and cleats 
-  Accurately scaled solid metal ship wheel 
-  Carefully detailed structures on the deck including windows 
-  A scale tied-down lifeboat on the stern of the deck, to mimic the actual Constellation America's Cup sailboat
-  The hull is accurately painted to match the colors of the actual Constellation America's Cup sailboat.  Look closely on the hull and you can see the individual planks and wood grain
- The best quality sails and rigging over all the competition:  

In order to hold their shape and obtain higher quality, the sails are slightly starched and higher thread-count fabric is used, similar to that of the actual Constellation sailboat at the time it sailed.  We offer three unique sail materials that are matched to the different eras of model yachts we offer.  Also, additional rigging lines have been added to be more true to the actual Constellation sail boat.

Our Constellation model sailboat is made with the finest quality woods. Painted by hand to match the actual color scheme of Constellation America's Cup sailboat. Constellation America's Cup sailboat model has Sails fabricated with high detailed stitching.

For the production of this ship model, a wide range of sources was used such as museums, drawings, copies of original plans and photos of the actual Constellation yacht. 

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