Porthole Window Aluminum Green Finish 20"

AL486110A IOT


Nautical solid aluminum porthole glass window has a round diameter of 20" and is 3.75" deep. The window is approx.13.75" in diameter....

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The Porthole Window has 2 dogs (latches) that can be loosened to allow you to swing open the porthole. Mounting screw holes are located & hidden behind the opening glass port section. The porthole frame has realistic rivets and a green finish

  • Material: Solid aluminum & glass
  • Finish: Green finish
  • Size: 20" diameter
  • Window size: Approx. 13.75" diameter
  • Weight: Approx. 6.8 lbs
  • For Decorative Use Only

Dimensions: L: 3.5in  x  W: 20in  x  H: 20in

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