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Authentic Models, Polaris Compass. Long before Google Maps or GPS, explorers, merchants, artists and pilgrims, had to find their way using a newfangled invention called a Compass. Ours is a recreation of an 18th Century compass, made of solid brass with a dark blue pointer.

Travelers that did not make the next way side inn, hospital or local convent might have to camp out in the open at a time when traveling was dangerous. Losing your way was a major risk in the ages before the Renaissance. The compass offers a significant message to the recipient in a small interesting package. It is a symbol of direction, staying the course, for adventure, discovery and science as well as human inventiveness.

Polaris Compass Details

  • Made of solid brass
  • Antiqued finish
  • Dark blue pointer
  • Yellow Gold North and South
  • Dial includes 32 compass points
  • Size 2.25 inches by .675 inches
  • AM boxed

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