Yacht Ironsides Sloop Model




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Yacht Ironsides Sloop 


If you are looking for a model ship with tremendous appeal, look no further. Consider this: it's nautical; it's an antique toy. It's built plank-on-frame. By its looks it could be from the 1930s, granted, it held up well… Not too small and not too big. Most of all it's a tremendous value. All wood, walnut finished, brass antique hardware, tea stained sails, complete with stand and cast-iron original issue keel weight.


  • Complete with the brass hardware,tea stained antiqued handmade sails and Counter-weighted for stability
  • Ready for rigging right out of the box
  • One truly fascinating ship, full 34" tall
  • Wood stand included
  • Easy assembly and rigging instructions
  • Handmade reproduction, for display use only

Dimension:  34" H x 39" L x 5.75" W Inches


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