Bosun's Gig White Row Boat Bookcase




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Bosuns Gig White Row Boat Bookcase Bookshelve Nautical Decor

Handcrafted Bosun's Gig White Rowing Boat Bookshelf

This antiqued Rowing Boat Bookcase is brand new.

The Bosun's Gig row boat shelf is hand made of Basswood by the plank on frame construction method. The boat bookcase has an antiqued distressed honey French finish with off white rails and solid brass accents. The sides or topsides of the row boat have the same distressed honey French finish as the interior of the boat.

This Bosun's Gig bookcase is a nice replica of a sailing ships gig or dinghy from back in the days of sail. It is sure to become a conversational addition to your nautical decor and will add atmosphere to any room. Excellent for using in your home or retail store as a display case.

Size: 73" height x 27" wide x 12" deep
Material: Basswood & solid brass
Finish Rails: Off White
Antiqued distressed French finish
Ships via UPS freight (truck)
The captain's or bosun's gig is a boat  used on naval ships as the captain's private taxi. It is a catchall phrase for this type of craft and over the years it has gradually increased in size, changed with the advent of new technologies for locomotion, and been crafted from increasingly more durable materials.

In general, during the era of wooden ships, it was smaller and lighter than the longboat or the barge or the pinnace. It was usually crewed by 4 select oarsmen, and a coxswain. Generally the oarsmen sat one to a seat, but each only rowed a single oar on alternating sides. The gig was not as sea kindly as the longboat, but was used mostly in harbors.

The gigs generally had a high wineglass transom (image), full skeg, full keel, straight stem and somewhat rounded sides. There was in general very little rocker in the keel. The gunwales on many were nearly straight from bow to stern. It appears to be the precursor to the Whitehall

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