Royal Aero Helium Balloon Model, True Yellow, Authentic Models



DIMENSIONS:  12.5"L x 12.5"W x 22"H

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DIMENSIONS:  12.5"L x 12.5"W x 22"H

Iconic and inspiring helium filled balloons were one of aviation's first successes. Since 1783, balloons have traveled the skies. Our models come complete with a rattan basket hanging from hand-knotted netting. The largest balloons carry sand bags at the ready for release as ballast.

Its not like you'll call ahead for tea and scones. Arrival time, even arrival place is unpredictable at best. But the feel… viewing the earth, leaning on the basket's rim, like a silent movie, floating the sky. A diminutive feeling, hanging from an enormous fabric balloon filled with helium. A Zen-like mood soon kicks in; watch the rolling hills, view snow in the mountains far away... your shadow skimming the hilltops, life down there stops to watch you glide.

Balloons combine color, decor, and science, all in one. They are as fascinating today as they were a century ago! Imagine viewing the Earth from above, free as a bird, holding on to a balloon basket...   Be amazed as you imagine gently floating the skies in a colorful Helium filled Balloon!

  • Hand Cut and Hand Applied Paper Gores Cover a Lightweight Spherical Core 
  • Minutely Hand Woven Baskets and Hot Air Drapes are Assembled by Expert Craftsmen
  • Balloon Sphere Has Hand Applied Bands of Color
  • Rope Loops in Balloon Top For Hanging
  • Hand Knotted Rope Net Covers Balloon and Extends to Basket Lines 
  • Largest Balloons Have Small Ballast Canvas Sacks and Wooden Toggles Connecting Basket Loops With Balloon Net Like The Originals
  • AM Boxed 

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