Complete Set of 3 Decorative Sailer's Blue, Green and Red




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Authentic Models' Sail Boats, Blue Sailer MA8, Green Sailer HO3, Red Sailer LR5 Decorative Sailboat Models

These are models that remind us of those hand made by  fisherman while not out at sea fishing. Boats such as this marked with its port of call, Marseille, could be seen daily off the coast of France and Spain. Handcrafted wood model sail boats

Lateen rigged, they recall a sunny day on a Portuguese beach. Colorful and Hand Crafted.... Bright Two-Toned Colors, perfect for home décor...  Handcrafted and Charming - add a special touch to any location or decor!

  • Hand Crafted
  • Made from Wood and Cloth 
  • Multi Colored
  • Stand Included
  • AM Boxed 

Each Model Measures:  12.75 x 3.25 x 16"

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