AUTHENTIC MODELS French Line Deck Chair




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Ocean Liners had a brief but glorious Golden Age when steam replaced sail. The early 1900s saw huge steam vessels crossing the Atlantic, taking immigrants to the New World in steerage, while pampering royalty and the wealthy set in staterooms. After dancing the night away in ornate ballrooms they collapsed in rows of deck chairs with cushions and blankets to admire the sunrise. Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and croissants were served for breakfast…Then off to bed


Our solid mahogany deck chair is a true replica of an early 1920's Lady's chair from a famous French shipping line.  It stands out for its sleekness and unapologetic appeal.  Gorgeously crafted back and armrests, elegantly curved legs, and intricately woven rattan seats make this a truly unbelievable chair.  Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich crossed the Atlantic enjoying breakfast and high tea in chairs like this! Guaranteed to function anywhere, everywhere, for generations......NEW!

Absolutely Gorgeous!

  • Solid Mahogany
  • Unique replica
  • Rattan Seats
  • Elegantly curved legs
  • Crafted back and armrests
  • NEW

Width - 24"

Length - 54"

Height - 42".


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