Brass Spyglass with Stand




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Collapsible brass spyglass made to store away as small as possible. This is a marvel of hand tooled telescoping brass tubes. Pull out all the way and focus by adjusting the smallest eye section.

Feel like a sea captain scanning the horizon from a heaving aft deck. This is a classic explorer and navigator tool. Before GPS, before shortwave radio, radar, etc. - to find your way you needed a compass, a sextant and a telescope.

  • A perfect historically significant spyglass ideal for gifting and utility
  • Done in a telescoping brass tube with leather cover and bronze finish
  • Great as a home or office decor object
  • Dimension: 21.3" (L) X 6.7" (W) X 4.3" (H) Inches
  • Rosewood covered
  • Made of polished brass
  • 4 tube spyglass
  • Approximately 8x magnification
  • Rosewood sleeve on 4th section
  • Brass color

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