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Porthole Eye of Time Clock SC055

In an age when longitude was still defined by sextant and chronometer, the vessel's wheelhouse carried a deck watch to keep time.  In the tradition of these small practical watches we designed this sturdy watch with an industrial nautical look.  Brass and glass.  Dials in contemporary style....NEW and Gift Packaged!


The opposite side has a compass (non-functional due to modern day battery clock operation).  Each side glass spins off as a magnifier glass and simulated fire starter (also a magnifier glass).  Extra batteries included.  

A dimple on backside of glass keeps the clock from rolling or it can hang from the optional stand. Truly a beautiful collector item. 

  • Bronze
  • Gift Packaged
  • Extra batteries included
  • Clock, decorative compass, magnifying glass & fire starter
  • NEW


Measures:  3.5"T x 2.5"W

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