Dickie Walker Fishing Boat Model



Dimension- L: 25.3 W: 6 H: 21.5 Inches

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The ship has a gleaming color of white and blue follow with amazing details. 
On the ship, you will find a variety of beautiful handcrafted parts such as: wooden lanterns with metal frame, wooden canoes, metal propeller, wooden benches, wooden main mast, and much more. 
This model has a gorgeous main deck; the deck has beautiful crafted wooden parts such as windows, axes, and ladders. 
On top of the deck, you can spot a comforting navigation area with fine-looking wooden decorations. 
An attach wooden stand comes standard with this model. 
Our model was built according to scale through original plans, pictures and drawings. 
We absolutely use no plastic parts only the highest quality wood and metal parts. 
This model is carefully secure and packed inside a wooden crate for easy shipping purposes. 
Our Dickie Walker model comes ready to be display.
Dimension- L: 25.3 W: 6 H: 21.5 Inches

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