18 Gauge Steel Roman Helmet

IR 80650


Dimensions: L: 17in  x  W: 9.5in  x  H: 17in Weight: 4.06lbs

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Greco Roman Helmet Red Plume is a symbol of excellence. Horse hair, especially when worn as a capillary ornament, was a sign of manliness. Roman helmets had brushes or plumes of horsehair. It seemed to have been a purely aesthetic addition, with little practical use. However it was the continuation of a type of helmet known as the Illyrian Helmet which had horse hair brushes. Used widely throughout the Classical and Prehistoric, in Greece, the Balkans and Italy.

  • Authentic Roman Officer helmet replica for display, wear, or costume use
  • Made of heavy 18 gauge steel by an expert metal smith
  • Because this item is handmade, exact dimensions vary slightly

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