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The Weather Pillar is an exquisitely reproduced replica of an instrument that was first introduced by LUFFT in the1940’s in Germany.  Now hand assembled and produced by FISCHER, it was recently showcased as a masterpiece in manufacturing at a German industry show.

This unique piece combines four instruments important for determining weather in a thoughtfully designed cylinder made of glass and polished brass. At the base is a drum-shaped aneroid barometer that measures atmospheric pressure. By turning the knurling ring, it is possible to track changes in barometric pressure by placing the black needle over the red indicator. The bimetallic thermometer and hygrometer are located in the glass tube above, and the compass is integrated in the top of the pillar. 

Each instrument is handmade and is assigned a unique serial number.The serial number along with an explanatory table of helpful weather facts is engraved on a brass plate that is screwed under the black Beech wood base.

This finely tuned instrument enables you to observe all aspects of the atmosphere in one place.

  • Glass & Polished brass housing 
  • Black German Beech wood base & brass plate that includes weather facts & serial number

This classic design has been exquisitely reproduced by Fischer Precision of Germany


  • Barometer: 29.14-30.72 inHg (740-780 mmHg)
  • Graduation: 1 mmHg (0.04 inHg)
  • Thermometer: : -5 to +131 °F (-15 to +55 °C)
  • Graduation: 1 °F
  • Hygrometer: 0 - 100% RH
  • Graduation: 2% RH

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