Pilar 1934 Ernest Hemingway’s Boat Model



  Dimensions: 24"L X 8"H 

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 Playmate, the original boat replica

Dimensions: 24"L X 8"H 


In 1934 Hemingway bought this 38 foot Playmate for the fishery of Havanan and in Bimini. Built by the Wheeler Shipyard in New York City, she was painted "pirates black".

To be named Pilar, she carried 300 gallons of fuel and 155 gallons of water, and she was capable of carrying an additional 100 gallons each in demijohns. Her name ostensibly was taken from the older woman in "For the Bell Tolls".

Ernest Hemingway’s 38 foot Playmate, the original boat is now on dry dock in Cuba, a sistership can be visited in South Florida.

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