Wind Speed & Wind Direction Indicator with "Tru-Gust"

Model # 3035


Dimensions: 6" 

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Wind Speed & Direction Combination Made in USA

Diameter 6"

The combination wind speed and wind direction is a single dial with a 250-degree wind speed scale and an 8-LED wind direction function. Winds up to 120 MPH (or 104 knots) are measured, and their direction is indicated on up to 16 points of the compass. The pivot and jewel movement provides minimal friction and outstanding accuracy-creating excellent performance from very low to very high wind speeds.

This unit includes a wind speed cup assembly, wind direction vane assembly, a single 14-inch combination mast, 50 feet of wire, and an AC power supply.

This model is available with a White or Navy Blue Face plate enclosed in a highly polished Brass Case.

The Tru-Gust feature utilizes a sophisticated electronic memory that stores the highest wind gust.

The unit normally indicates actual real-time wind speed, a simple push of the button moves the needle to indicate the peak velocity that occurred while at work, sleeping, or away from home.

Holding the button down will clear the memory for a new reading from a new storm.

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