Weather Storm Glass Barometer On Wooden Plaque



Weather Storm Glass Dimensions: -16.5 H x 6 W x 3.1 D.

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Authentic Models, Nautical Themed Decor. An invention that goes back centuries and still intrigues, baffles, and amazes.

This great conversation piece is a hand blown glass vessel with an elegantly shaped spout. A weather glass is basically a water based barometer that measure atmospheric pressure.

Fill it with colored water to approximately one inch above where the spout joins the glass body.

The wood wall plaque transforms this hand-blown glass barometer into a wood and brass instrument, with a strong presence and lasting value.

Features: -Time and Weather collection -Elegant French finish wooden. -Handblown glass vessel. -Solid hand-turned brass hook. -Handcrafted bronze drop catcher with explanatory legend (in 4 languages).

Dimensions: -16.5 H x 6 W x 3.1 D.

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