BB Korn Indianapolis 1930s Tether Car Model 22"



1930's BB Korn Indianapolis Tether Car Model 

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This highly detailed, high quality, BB Korn 1930s Spindizzy model is brand new, fully built & assembled (not a kit). The manufacturer is Authentic Models.

The BB Korn Indianapolis tether car model is completely hand-built & handcrafted of recycled polished aluminum and brass. The seat & seat trim are made of leather. The wheels are aluminum and the tires are made of rubber. The hood opens up to reveal a replica (non-working) gas engine.

This reproduction BB Korn 1930s Spindizzy tether car model was designed by using original blueprints and resembles the original BB Korn spindizzy model down to the smallest detail.

Our BB Korn Indianapolis 1930s Tether Car Model has all the style of it’s much loved original. It is sure to be a conversational addition for your office or homedecor and to become a family heirloom.

  • Size: 21.7" length x 10.2" width x 6.1" height
  • Material: Aluminum, brass & rubber
  • This model is for display only
  • Manufacturer: Authentic Models
  • Handcrafted individually

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