Nautical Decor…To Go


You know, nautical decor doesn’t have to end at your home. That’s where you can create the most elaborate theme, but there are many ways add extra inspiration to your day to day life.

To take nautical decorating beyond the home or office, you just need a shift in focus. Rather than focusing on your home, focus on what you wear.

How far to take this is up to you, of course. You could wear boat shoes and color coordinated nautical outfits all year long if you like, but if that seems a bit extreme, here are a few smaller nautical alternatives.


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Watches, jewelry and keychains


A nautical watch is great start. For one thing, the waterproof capabilities are a great practical consideration. You will be reminded of the sea whenever you wear it and you don’t have to take it off when you actually go into the water.

Also, by choosing something simple it can work as your day to day watch.

A keychain is a simpler option. Just a small dose of inspiration to keep with you throughout the day. There are a handful of basic options out there and they will all keep you ready for your next coastal trip (or bring back memories of the last one).

Finally, we have jewelry. While watches and keychains have their limits when it comes to different styles, jewelry comes in all kinds of varieties that can be worn personally or given as gifts.

There are basics, such bracelets and pearl earrings. Then there are colorful charms or shiny silver ones. The designs can be as predictable as a lighthouse or as unique as a pink whale. Let’s not forget the variety of seashell accessories. The options are seemingly endless, but the thing that they all have in common is the ability to inspire you, while also being a part of your day to day life.

So if you want a little day to day inspiration, think beyond the home and take a bit of the sea with you wherever you go.

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