Beach Decor: The Lighthouse And The Sailboat


Looking to give a little boost to your beach decor?

Great, I have couple new suggestions to complement what I recommended in the last article on beach decor. Especially the recommendation to gather some seashells to personalize it all.

Today, I’m talking about lighthouses and decorative sailboats. If you’re going for that east coast day at the beach sort of vibe, than this is the perfect pair for you.

What’s the difference between a decorative sailboat and a model ship?

Well, basically it’s a matter of size, detail and historical significance. A model ship is usually an accurate recreation of a ship that played a prominent role in history. It will usually be large and incredibly accurate in detail.

A decorative sailboat, on the other hand, is more basic. It’s a general sailboat that symbolizes the beach, rather than sailing the seas or some particular historic event. It’s the perfect addition to a more beach themed room or beach house. You can get something basic that matches the rest of the room.


A lighthouse is an amazing addition to any nautical theme, but works especially well when it comes to beach decor. In the US, lighthouses are incredibly symbolic, especially along the east coast.

I know when I think of a lighthouse I’m reminded of Cape Cod. Not only is it one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the country, it’s also heavily populated by lighthouses. Due to the rugged, frequently changing terrain they have played a vital role in protecting incoming ships.

What kind of beaches do you like?

Lighthouses and sailboats both work great for a basic beach theme, but what they best represent is the east coast of the US. The rocky, dangerous shores, beach clubs and popularity of sailing are all unique compared to the rest of the country.

So, if you’re going for an east coast vibe with your beach theme just gather some seashells, throw in a lighthouse and a decorative sailboat. It’s a sure fire way to remind you of Cape Cod or whatever beach town you prefer.


Cape Hatteras Lighthouse


Cape Hatters Electric Lighthouse 

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