Make Your Home Feel Like a Vacation Space, With Nautical Decor

There are a lot of great ways to feel comfortable in your home, and one of those ways is to encourage a vacation feel. You can do that through nautical decor, which can provide a beach-like experience right in your own home. From model ships to decorative anchors, nautical home decor is beautiful and can be unique. Ship models range from small ships in bottles to much larger display pieces that are freestanding or even wall-mounted. Here’s what to consider when using nautical options in your home decor.

How Much of a Nautical Home Decor Theme Do You Want?

Only you can decide how much of a nautical theme you want for your home. You might consider some decorative boats to be enough, or you may want to go all out with a theme that brings in anchors, lighting, and even weather instruments. It’s completely up to you, because it’s your home, and you want to feel comfortable in it.

If you’re a big fan of nautical lighting and decorative portholes, there are plenty of ways to work them into your space. But model ships on the shelves can also be an elegant and understated option.

Are Model Ships a Good Display Option for Your Home?

Decorative models and various types of model ships can create a space that feels ocean or beach themed, but also gives you the opportunity to bring in other decorative elements. You don’t want to overpower the space, especially if you have a smaller house, or you’re confining your nautical home decor to just one or two rooms.

You don’t need to cover your walls with nautical decor to make a statement or create a relaxing atmosphere. It’s easy to feel like you’re at the beach with just a few great touches that fit the space and follow the theme.

Have You Considered Decorative Anchors and Decorative Portholes?

Decorative portholes can surround windows or mirrors, for a great way to bring a nautical theme into your home. You can also use decorative anchors for display, or find some that also add functionality. Coat racks, key hooks, and other options can be created from anchors, so it’s easier to incorporate them throughout your space.

Will Nautical Lighting and Nautical Weather Instruments Complete the Look?

Nautical lighting brings a beach feel to your house, and can be one of the best ways to showcase your theme in a bold way. This kind of lighting can be the main lighting option in your home, or a backup option when more traditional lights aren’t in use. Either way, you can decide how much nautical lighting you want, and when you want to use it.

The same is true with nautical weather instruments, which can be used for decoration but might also be functional. A barometer, for example, may look great on the wall, but can also give you information on the humidity in your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various nautical decor options. You can create just the look you’re going for, and have a vacation feel right in your own home.

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