Make Waves This Summer with the Best Backyard on the Block  

If you love a grand adventure, and you’re searching for a bold, new backyard look, take inspiration from those who’ve sailed before. Decor, outdoor rugs, and patio furniture inspired by a ship’s interior is currently trending. And while you may not have a yacht to furnish, you probably have a backyard or patio. Make the most of your outdoor living space by bringing in elements of the seafarer’s life to create an area that brings you serenity and smooth sailing all summer long. Here’s what we recommend in nautical decor, furniture, and accessories for outdoor living.

Create Shipworthy Seating

Whether you have a large, sprawling oasis in your backyard, or a patio the size of a small skiff, a space where family and friends can recline is a must-have. A pair of white huron rocking chairs, a teakwood bench, and an old wine barrel planter are ideal. This outdoor arrangement can seat up to five or six guests comfortably. And if you need room for more, add two or three Adirondack chairs for good measure. Furniture like this, that’s crafted of solid wood, gives any backyard or patio an element of old world charm and, when paired with nautical decor such as wooden ship models or a tide clock, will instantly transport you out to sea.

Bring in Maritime Materials

Fabrics are fun and easy accents that add texture, color, and mood to your outdoor space. Opt for rugs and chair cushions that are made to withstand outdoor environments. Deck your dining table in maritime motifs, including place mats, coasters, and napkins that boast a nautical theme. And use large decorative anchor to create a pretty backdrop to your seating area, or string them around your covered patio to add an element of shade.

Add Aquatic Accents

Your outdoor party area needs accents to drive your nautical theme home. Wooden ship models, sailboat models, and nautical instruments such as an elegant compass rose or a decorative anchor are excellent choices in nautical decor. And you might even invest in nautical wall decor if you have a covered outdoor patio or kitchen. As soon as your guests set foot in your backyard, they’ll be whisked away on an ocean adventure. Make sure the decor you’re using is suitable for the outdoors, or place it in protected areas where wind and weather can’t reach.

Light Up the Night

Nautical lighting is another area where you can be innovative. Aged lanterns made of wood, metal, and glass make a space feel cozy and timeless. Similarly, wall-mounted sconces can be beautiful accents to your home’s exterior. All help to create a nautical mood and make your guests feel as though they’re dining and mingling in a seaside chalet.

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