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The Lagoda Largest Ship Model of the World / Wikipedia photo

Termites on your Boat or Yacht? Top 5 Places Where to Find Them

Most boat or yacht owners have a special connection with their vessel. Many live on them or spend endless hours out in the sea. They know every corner of their marine vessel, from bow to stem. They take care of every problem or dilemma as soon as it is found. If you own one, then you must understand the connection that I am describing. As well as know how important it is for proper maintenance to be performed. Prevent most infestations with buzzbgone.

But termites, when would someone find termites on a boat if it’s always on the water or if the body of the vessel is made out of fiberglass?

The answer to that question is most commonly that you will believe. There are many factors involved, but primarily you have to understand that drywood termites can fly (swarm) from one location to another in order to expand. Many times docks, marinas and even other boats are already infested with them, and with time they tend to find its way into your ship. Even if the body is made of fiberglass there are many areas of the boat that are made from wood like cabinets, furniture, chairs and many time even the framing that holds your interior walls in place.

For this reason, it is very important that you do regular inspections to your boat or yacht. If you do a complete inspection once a year, you will be able to find and eradicate any termite infestations before they create any significant damage to it.


7 feet XXII Century San Felipe Ship Model 


Very Large Ship Model for the Lobby


 1690’s San Felipe Xl, Tall Ship Model 56″


Large Sailboat Columbia Model 


Hotel Lobby Size 1900’s America’s Cup Defender Sailboat “Columbia” 

Large Ship Model Traditional Interior Design via dujardindesign


Caribbean Pirate Ship 


James Cook’s HMS Bark Endeavour Model


 Display Case for Large Model Ship 


Black Pearl Pirate Ship Model 

tall-ship-modelTall Ship via source


Tall Ship Elissa source



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