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Famous,  Historical Boat and exact replica of  1900’s America’s Cup Defender Large “Columbia” Sailboat Model

Columbia was an American racing yacht built in 1899 for the America’s Cup races. She was the defender of the tenth America’s Cup race that same year against British challenger Shamrock as well as the defender of the eleventh America’s Cup race in 1901 against British challenger Shamrock II. Columbia was the first vessel to win the trophy twice in a row


Very Large Model USS Constitution  “Old Ironsides” a legend in the War of 1812, is available as a museum-quality, FULLY ASSEMBLED model

The U.S.S. Constitution, a three-mast frigate, is the world’s oldest commissioned warship. Built primarily with dense southern live oak, its hull was 21 inches thick in an era when 18 inches was common. Paul Revere forged the copper spikes and bolts that held the planks in place. The 204-foot-long ship was first put to sea in 1798 and its most famous era of naval warfare was the War of 1812 against Britain, when it captured numerous merchant ships not like the modern ones the Gold Coast yacht hire offers and defeated five warships, including the H.M.S. Guerriere. It was during the ferocious battle with the Guerriere that British seamen, astonished at how their cannonballs were bouncing off the Constitution’s hull, cried out, “Sir, Her sides are made from Iron!” Hence, the nickname, “Old Ironsides.” The Constitution today is a national landmark and is currently docked in Boston.


Legendary USS Constitution Sailing/Old Ironsides

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