How to Use Nautical Decor to Create the Perfect Living Room

Choosing new living room decor is always a fun project. What could be better than giving the most important room in your house a makeover? Designing your home with a nautical theme is a great way to create a peaceful space that makes you feel like you’re on vacation as soon as you step in the front door after a long day at work.

But exactly how should you get started? Check out these tips for creating a perfectly seaworthy nautical living room:  decorating with nautical lighting 


  Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

Captain’s Office Desk Black Wooden Nautical Maritime Furniture

Start With a Beachy Color Palette

First, choose the colors of your room. Painting the walls a light blue with white trim and sheer curtains is a classic choice for creating a restful space. Add furniture in sandy tan upholstery to complete the coastal look. These gentle colors are the same ones you find at the beach, and they create a perfect backdrop for a nautical living room.

Nautical living room

Lifeboat Wooden Oars for Decoration 

Choose a Focal Point

Look around your living room and decide where you can create a focal point for your theme. If you have a fireplace with a mantel, that’s a natural spot to focus your guest’s attention. A large wall or the area above a couch can also work, as long as it’s a place where the eye will naturally come to rest.

Once you’ve chosen the spot, hang a real tour-de-force piece of decoration. Model ships make a great impact for a nautical living room: the intricate details capture attention and serve as a prime conversation starter. Choose a half hull sailboat model to hang on the wall, or add a small collection of sailboat models to grace a mantel or built-in bookshelves. Wooden tall ship models also add a fine historical flair for a more formal living room.

Add the Finishing Touches

To complete the look of your beach-themed living room, just add a few more accessories. Nautical throw pillows on the couch and a collection of decorative shells, sand dollars and other sea treasures are great touches. You can also choose nautical-themed lighting overhead or on a side table to make your living room look ship-shape. For your walls, add a series of nautical flags or a lovely painting of a seascape to finish the look.

Once your natty, nautical living room is complete, all that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy it!

Beach House Interior With Sailboat Model

Beach House Interior Sailboat Models for Decoration 


Sailboat Model Pen Duick

How to Use Nautical Decor to Create the Perfect Living Room

Decorative Sailboat Models source beeyoutifullife

Authentic Models Set of 5 Royal Barge Oars

 Decorative Wooden Oars with Row Boat Bookcase and Spotlight 

Sailboat Nautical Throw Pillow

Nautical Theme Throw Pillow 

Rustic Nautical Living Room Design

Sailboat Model Really Stands  on the Top of Mantel

Go Nautical Captain's Time and Tide Clock in Brass with Mahogany Wood Base

Captain’s Time and Tide Clock in Brass with Mahogany Wood Base

Wooden Decorative Oars and Model Ship

Model Ships and  Decorative Wooden Oars are Wonderful Addition to Nautical Theme

Olympic Class Dragon Sailboat Racer

1930’S Classic Dragon Keelboat Olympic Sailboat Racer decorating with historical sailboat models


Decorating With Boat Models 

Nautical Home Decor 


Nautical Themed Living Room Using Nautical Accessories  via source 

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