Spruce Up Your Home With Nautical Decor

Classic Wooden Ship Wheel Nautical Home Decor

Anchor and Waves Hand Made Hooked Pillow

 Anchor and  Ocean Waves Hand Made Hooked Pillow

Do you love the ocean? Are you a huge fan of ships? If you answered yes to both of those questions then you might want to think about bringing the ocean feeling into your home with nautical décor. While you might not want to turn your entire home into a nautical museum, you can add some splashes of nautical designs around your house. Below are some areas of the home that would look great decorated in a nautical theme.

Three Areas of the Home to Turn Nautical

1. The bathroom- Everyone loves to spend time in the bathroom, so why not go nautical here? You could add some nautical lighting to the room or even install a decorative porthole over your toilet. A nice nautical inspired curtains is another get way to bring the beach home with you. But remember, not to overdo it because the bathroom is such a small space and you don’t want to crowd the room with too many decorative items.

Sunset on the beach over the ocean room curtain

 Sunset at the Beach Living Room, Bedroom Curtain  Curtain

Nautical Inspired Shower Curtains 

2. In the den- At the end of the day the one place the family gets together is in the den. If your family loves all things nautical, why not add some ship models around the den? Model ships add elegance to any room and you can spread them out in your den, to give a nautical feel that everyone will love. Since the den is a large room, you can place more items around without having to worry about space.

3. The bedroom- A beautiful nautical inspired bed spread would look great in someone’s home that loves the beach. A sailboat model sitting on a shelve in one corner of the room is also a great accent piece. Also, you might want to place a nice nautically inspired lamp next to your bed. The sky really is the limit when it comes to decorating the bedroom in a nautical theme.

1901 J Class Yacht Model (2)

Sailboat Models and Decorative Wooden Oar Rustic Interior Design

Nautical Signal Flags (1)

nautical signal flags

Nautical Decorative  Flags 

chair anchor

Coastal Rocking Chair

Anchor Adirondack Chair Pool Chair (2)

Anchor Adirondack Chairs


Beached Boat Art Poster  Nautical Wall Decor

Japanese Glass Floats

Japanese Glass Floats 

rustic Interior Beach House

Sailboats Beach House Decorating

Solid Brass Ship's Bell with Wall Bracket

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