Adding Nautical Weather Vanes as Nautical Decor to Your Home

Whether you live in a land-locked subdivision or you are fortunate enough to enjoy sweeping views of the sea from your living room window, you can show your love for all things nautical by adding outdoor nautical decor to your home. Nautical weather vanes are the perfect option for your yard, because they are both practical and useful.

Here are a few reasons why you should add one of these nautical themed weather-vanes to your home:

These Wind Direction Indicators Give You Valuable Information

If you have a nautical soul, then you likely always want to know what direction the wind is blowing. Nautical weather vanes are designed to move with the wind and indicate which direction it is heading. Whether this is information you simply enjoy knowing or it is the type of data that you need to make important decisions about your day on the water, you will have a useful tool in your hard. Not only do these wind direction indicators work effectively, but they also look great. It adds an element of outdoor nautical decor to your yard, while also giving you valuable information about the day.

Nautical Weather Vanes Bring a Touch of the Sea to Your Yard

Weather instruments likely play an important role in your daily life, particularly if you live on or near the water. When you select nautical themed weather-vanes for your yard, you can showcase your love for the sea. We have nautical weather vanes with a variety of decorative elements, including:

  • Boats — There are many nautical weather vanes with sailing boats at the top, which are ideal for those who love to sail. Some of our weather vanes have sail boats or tall ships at the top.
  • Lighthouses — Nautical weather vanes with colorful lighthouses at the top are ideal for people who know that a guiding light will help them stay the course. 
  • Sea birds — Sea birds of all types can be seen gliding along the wind near the water, so this is a wonderful decorative element on a nautical weather vane.

It’s the Perfect Addition to Your Weather Instruments Collection

Your weather instruments collection may already include important tools, such as barometers, tide clocks, wind speed indicators and barometers. Your collection will not be complete without a weather vane. Instead of opting for a standard weather vane, select a more personalized tool. Nautical weather vanes are the perfect option for the avid sailor or a landlubber who simply likes to enjoy those waterfront views.

It’s not always possible to be sailing on the water or fishing off the deck of your favorite boat. When you are at home, you can showcase your passion for the water by purchasing one of the nautical weather vanes from Our nautical themed weather-vanes are available in a variety of styles and sizes, allowing you to select the outdoor nautical decor that complements your home. Check out our nautical weather vanes today.Bookmark and Share