5 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Model Ships

For fans of nautical decor, a model ship is a must-have accessory. The provide a classic good looks and a certain amount of gravitas to any room. Ship models also attract attention to create a unique focal point. Whether you wish to spark conversation or simply long for something to inspire your imagination as you relax, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a model ship into your home’s decor.

1. Classic Decor: The Mantel Centerpiece

When most people think of a decorative ship model, they envision it proudly displayed on the mantel above a fireplace — preferably with logs crackling comfortably below. This is a tried-and-true way to display your favorite items, so don’t feel you have to reinvent the wheel.

Pro Tip: Place your ship in the center of the mantel, and be sure to leave open space around it to set it apart from other items. You’ll need at least half the boat’s length on either side empty for proper spacing.

2. Conversation Starter: The Dining Room Table

If you have a highly detailed wooden boat model, you’ll want to provide a 360-degree view of all its interesting facets. Consider placing your ship model in the center of your dining room table. It’s sure to inspire more conversation than flowers, and you’ll be able to see it from every angle.

Pro Tip: A tabletop display case will protect your model from everyday dust or dinnertime spills.  

3. Whimsical Touches: The Book Shelf

Not everyone is a collector. If you have a small model ship that you love but also want to display other items, try placing your ship on a bookshelf. You can group it with other interesting antiques, photos, or favorite items for a balanced look. Groups of three work best.

Pro Tip: To draw more attention to your model, place it on a shelf with books in empty space you create with bookends.

4. Ships in Bottles: The Children’s Room

Nothing quite captures the imagination like a ship in a bottle. These tiny models are the perfect “starter kit” for young fans of model ships, since they are relatively protected. Place them on a shelf where they can be seen and enjoyed, but not touched. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to give young children a separate toy boat to play with so they learn the difference between toys and models!

5. Collector’s Paradise: The Study

Serious collectors of model ships may need a separate room to display several. If you’re planning a miniature museum in a study, den or spare room, be sure to invest in sturdy shelves and glass display cases to protect your investment. 

Pro Tip: Mini spotlights or under cabinet lighting will make sure that your model ships look their best by highlighting their details.

Whether you’re purchasing your first model ship or looking to add to your collection, GoNautical.com has a wide range of wooden ships to choose from. Explore the collection today! 

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