3 Creative Ways to Add a Nautical Theme to Your Decor

Summer may be ending, but who says you have to say goodbye to fun in the sun and sea? If you love life by the shore and the smell of the salt air, nautical decor is a great way to surround yourself with reminders of your favorite place all year long. Whether you choose to devote a single room to nautical decoration or plan to infuse a bit of beachy breeziness throughout your home, there are lots of ways to get the look. Here are some of our favorite decorating tips to bring your coastal decor to life.

1. Feature a Model Ship

A detailed model of a clipper ship was once a key feature in many Victorian homes, showing off the owners’ worldliness and attention to detail. Fortunately, you don’t have to scour flea markets for an antique sailing model ship. Modern versions are available, including scale replicas of famous ships and classic ships in a bottle.

These decorative boats  make ideal focal points, so be sure to place them where they’ll be the center of attention. The fireplace mantel, a dedicated display case, or in a place of honor on a well-organized shelf are all good choices.

2. Add Color With Nautical Flags

Decorative nautical flags bring instant flair to any room with a classic seaside color scheme that includes bold shades of blue, white, black, red, and yellow. Each nautical flag stands for a letter of the alphabet, so you can string several together to spell your last name or a meaningful motto like “love” or “family.”

In addition to stringing flags on a line or mounting them to the wall, you can also get crafty with them. Nautical flags can be used to make casual throw pillows for the couch or hung on a curtain rod as a clever substitute for a valance. The only limit is your imagination!

3. Light Up Your Life

Lighting is too often overlooked in home decor, but it’s a great way to set the mood and subtly enhance your nautical theme. To feel like your sailing the high seas, choose a lamp that looks just like an old ship’s lantern. You can also add wall sconces that feature sailing ships or a whimsical accent lamp to remind you of days spent by the ocean.

One of the secrets of great lighting is layering, so be sure you have the three major types of lighting for each room you decorate: overhead lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. You can choose nautical lighting for any of these applications — or even all three.

Get Inspired

These are just a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing, but the possibilities are endless. From porthole mirrors and replica spyglasses to ship’s wheels and anchors, you’re sure to find the perfect decorations that bring you right back to the coast — no matter where you live. Explore GoNautical.com for an incredible range of decorative items, or see our blog for more great decorating ideas.

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