Nautical Decor: Completing Your Interior Design with Model Ships

Many people love nautical décor. Whether it is placing seashells from their last cruise on the mantel or incorporating pirate themed décor in a child’s play room, the types of patterns and designs will be based on personal preferences and the mood that you want to convey in the room. Absolutely every area of the home can be designed with a nautical theme. You can have decorative throw pillows with nautical designs, full replica ship parts such as oars and ship steering wheels, or sculptures. To round out the theme, model ships can be displayed on tables, stands, and mantels.

Examples of Model Ships Used in Decor

The type of decorative model ship used in the room will be based on your specific interior design. Many people will pick a certain era to highlight, a specific event, or capture a memory. Other people will select modern, historic and famous model ships. Here are some examples of ship models you may wish to add to your room.

Historic Boat Models

History buffs may select model ships that are replicas of actual ships from specific time periods and events. Displaying a historic boat model allows you to teach others about these events and also allows people to envision themselves as being a part of history. Some examples of popular historic ships include the 1798 USS Constitution. This famous ship protected American merchant ships during the France Quasi-War as well as captured British ships in the War of 1812. The 1650 HMS Fairfax is another popular historic ship model as the actual ship was used in the Battle of Santa Cruz during the Anglo-Spanish War.

Famous Model Ships

Another interior design theme is to select famous model ships. They may have captured fame by participating in sailing events or they may have even been a historical tragedy. One of the most famous ships that everyone has heard about is the RMS Titanic and its tragic cruise. Such an iconic ship model can be placed into any type of nautical theme.

Sporting enthusiasts may love watching the America’s Cup every year to see the best yachts try to win in match races. One famous racing ship is the America’s Cup Endeavor. Placing this model ship on display can capture your love of sailing yachts and races.

USS Constellation Scaled Model Ship

Tall Ships

Tall ships are very popular as model scales. The long masts and numerous sails attract people to not only the craftsmanship of the model, but also the painstaking work that must have been put in to create life-size ships that the smaller replicas are based off of.  A tall model ship that is popular in interior design is the 1930 Amerigo Vespucci. The 1690’s San Felipe and the 1492 Santa Maria are also popular options.

Whether you select a famous or historical model ship, or go with sailing model ships that replicate your own yacht or voyage cruise, check out the ones that are available from We have a wide selection of ship models and nautical decor that will fit into the interior design of your home.

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