3 Creative Ways to Decorate With Model Ships

A nautical theme appeals to so many different segments of the population. Whether you are a lifelong veteran of the Coast Guard or Navy, a diehard history buff or you simply want to recreate the relaxed and breezy days of sailing, boat models are a versatile and creative way to add a nautical touch to any room in your home.

1. Miniature Tall Ship Replica

A miniature tall ship models brings the grace and beauty of a tall ship into your home in a size that makes it easy for you to display. Intricately designed down to the most minute detail, this type of ship model is available in a range of different styles. Whether you want to feed your inner rouge with a pirate ship or your tastes lean more toward the Mayflower and the USS Constitution, a replica of your favorite tall ship will almost make you think that you see the sails billowing gently in the breeze.

Tall Ship Model Surprise 

2. Sailboats

There’s nothing quite like a sailboat to add a carefree and sunny feel to any room. A replica of America’s Cup Intrepid or the Endeavour also lends a significant air of elegance and sophistication that make them the perfect sailboat models decor for an office, den or study.

If you’re searching for something a little more lighthearted — or if space is at a premium — consider a decorative sailboat. Colorful sails are coupled with a smaller size with the result being model ships that remind you of your love of sailing in a more playful way.

Sailboat Rustic Columbia Model 

Old Barrel from Whiskey Wall Cabinet 


3. Nautical Theme Decor

Tie in the nautical theme throughout your home by adding other types of decor. A diving helmet displayed atop a shelf, a ship’s wheel place in a strategic spot on the wall or a set of buoys strung leisurely along a railing all provide instant visual appeal that invites curious questions and lively conversation.

Large Ship Models 

Are you a lover of lighthouses? An electric lawn lighthouse serves as a warm welcome to visitors while a tabletop version adds beauty and charm to your favorite room.

Nautical charts, flags and artwork that is inspired by the theme provide the ideal method of decor for your empty walls that are begging to instantly become the room’s focal point. Whether you want the clean and modern look of nautical flags or you prefer a more historical element, nautical decor is beautiful, versatile and always charming.

1914 Herreshoff 12 1/2 Boat Model

Classic Sailboat Herreshoff  image source 

Classic Sailboat source 

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