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It’s easy to point to a single object and ask for it to do all the work in decoration, but there are far more subtle gradations to consider – and model ship placement is a great example of this. A model ship means, quite simply, a reproduction of a vessel to scale, but it can vary in a number of ways. If you’re looking to create a specific sentiment or evoke a particular era, you should definitely consider a model ship, but you should also think about which era that is to be.

Consider the fact that a model ship can be anything from a naive or wall-hanging abstract object to a very detailed reproduction.

You might consider a schooner or a small fishing craft rendered in bright, solid colors on wood. This evokes a certain breeziness, a kind of effortless ocean-side calm, but it’s not the only mood that such an object can inspire. You might also consider a ship in a bottle, and when looking along those lines you could ask yourself whether you want a reproduction Spanish Galleon, a 19th century oceangoing frigate, an early 20th century luxury liner.

Decorative sailboats centerpiece for a nautical wedding day. For attractive and economical tablecloths for any occasion.

The point, of course, is to have the object match the general mood of the space in question. True nautical design has shades and refractions: you might want to evoke the beach, but you might also want to recreate the feel of a ship’s interior. If the room in question is an office or study, why not place a detailed model ship with as much intricacy as possible? This will evoke a kind of seriousness commensurate with a personal library or a room dedicated to concentration.

HMS Surprise Famous Ship 

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By the same token, an entertaining room (or a room occupied by children) might better evoke the sea with a woodcut object – something simple (and not easily broken) that can conjure the lightheartedness of a day at sail. All of these moods are easily accomplished through the deliberate placement of a model ship. Whether it’s an Americas Cup racer or British war vessel like the HMS Surprise, a number of options exist. However, what’s imperative is that the objects match. Not only would a large and detailed reproduction model ship be out of place in a small child’s room, it might also risk damage. Similarly, a naive wood carving or model may in turn seem glaring when set amid period furniture and vintage leather. When in doubt, take stock of all the objects already in the room. Consider their period of manufacture, their style, and whether or not you want to replace any of them for the purposes of your design.

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By this process, you’ll effectively create an inventory of what’s already in your space – and from there, it’s much easier to select the model ship of your choosing. At Go Nautical, we can assist you with an immense inventory of model ship options. What matters most, however, is making sure that the ship you choose is perfect for your space.

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