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The legendary workhorse of the skies during the 1930-50s  Douglas Dakota DC 3 Aluminum Airplane Model


1936 Spitfire Fighter Airplane Model

WWII German Hydroplane



P-40 Warhawk flying with a F4U Corsair source 

Open Cockpit Biplane

Open Cockpit Biplane image source 

Junkers JU52 'Iron Annie' Airplane Model 2 (2)

Junkers JU52 ‘Iron Annie’  Scaled Airplane Model


Vintage Airplane via source 


Vintage Aviation Airplane Propeller 

Jaser J-18 Albatross World War I Fighter. Rudolph Berthold airplane

Jaser J-18 Albatross World War I Fighter. Rudolph Berthold airplane source 


Airplane WWII Mustang P-51 Fighter Authentic Model


Spirit of St. Louis


Spirit of St. Louis Aircraft Model 

c. 1940s- Girls on the wing of a Boeing XB-15

c. 1940s- Girls on the wing of a Boeing XB-15  image source 

1936 Spitfire Fighter Airplane Model

 1936 Spitfire Fighter Airplane Model

 Night Witches: Soviet Female Aviators in World War II

Hundreds of women served as Soviet combat pilots and flight crew during World War II. Other nations allowed a few women to fly as flight instructors, test or ferry pilots, but only the Red Air Force sent women into battle.  This was not from any shortage of male aviators – theLuftwaffe’s destruction of hundreds of Soviet planes on the ground in the war’s opening strikes left a surplus of pilots, but a desperate shortage of modern aircraft. So women combat pilots were not a propaganda ploy to show off Communist “gender equality” – there was very little wartime publicity for the female aviators. The battle to let Soviet women fly in combat was the achievement of one young major, Marina M. Raskova  source 


Close-up of Japanese Kamikaze just before he crashed on USS Essex, November 25, 1944 Photographed by Lt. Comdr. Earl Colgrove, USNR.


The P-38 was the first fighter to fly faster than 400 mph photo source 

Aviation Jets

Blue Angels over St Augustine Beach  photo source 


Vintage Aviation source

airplane accident


Aircraft Carrier source 


The P-38s guns were so effective, they could reliably hit targets at up to 1,000 yards. Most other fighters were only effective at 100-250 yards.


The P-38 was nicknamed the ‘fork-tailed devil’ by the German Luftwaffe and ‘two planes, one pilot’ by Japanese fighter pilots.


And, it was the only American fighter aircraft in production throughout the entire American involvement in WWII. AP455_hi

Douglas Dakota DC3 Plane Model

The legendary workhorse of the skies during the 1930-50s. Some are still flying in far-flung places like the Amazon and the Gobi Desert. It’s taken us a couple years, but the Authentic Models pulled off a major feat. The first limited edition production of a hand-built model in aluminum. Complete with etched metal sheets and rivets. Windows, extreme engine detail, propellers, landing gear, ailerons. Inspect… Admire!



WWI Sopwith Propeller For Decoration

The Sopwith was the mainstay fighter-plane of the British and USA air forces in the early 1900s. Brightly painted in various national colors, it ruled the skies for a number of years. Some of the propellers were later suppled by an American propeller maker. Admire the shape and finish of a wood creation that once propelled daring aviators over uncharted landscapes. Feel the smooth, somewhat distressed, honey surface. The punched serial numbers around the hub. The authentic 1930s maker’s decal. Picture it in a bar or a boy’s room, a corner of the living room or a restaurant!.


Fokker Dr.I (C-GFJK)

If you’ve ever heard of the famous German Ace the “Red Baron,” you’ll probably recognize this iconic WWI triplane. Originally flown by Manfred von Richthofen in 1917, this modern replica from 1982 will take you back to dogfights over the trenches in war-torn Europe.

000 Red Baron’s WWI Fokker Triplane

Delicate fabric stretched over a lightweight frame, just as the original was made. Detailed wing rigging comes pre-assembled. Leather Seat. Laminated rotating wood propeller. Detailed engine cover – riveted parts and struts. Hand fitted spoke wheels. Accents are in aluminum, brass, leather, wood and resin. Painted nylon canvas colors are red and white with German insignia.

vintage planes


In 1939, one of the first P-38 prototype aircraft set a speed record from California to New York in 7 hours and 2 minutes, but it crashed short of its intended airport due to carburetor icing. aaa75754a0b46f53037b8129880ca5ec

Spanish Air Force Polikarpov I-16 Rata: Air-to-Air & History


Vintage Aircraft

Vintage Aircraft Source 


B52 bomber on a carrier image source 

Aviation source

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 Su-T50 Air Force Fighter



sstbFokkerDR1Gallery158588Fokker via

Fokker D.VII F 4253~18 Jasta 4 Ernst Udet (0811-037)

U-2 Dragon Lady

U-2 Dragon Lady via tumbler


35  SAAB Draken.

15 - 1

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